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Educational Technologist

"As an educational technologist I design, develop, manage, evaluate learning media and educational environments. I also inform decision makers about the effective use of instructional and learning support technologies for schools, businesses, universities, vocational training institutions, and other learning spaces."



I am pleased to present snippets of my expertise and to highlight relevant education technology competency herein. An educational technologist by training, I specialize in developing web-based instruction. For over 20 years I have garnered a wide range of experience as a "trainer", educator, and instructional designer. Currently, I work in marginalized communities developing innovative learner experiences.

Rohan quote about being an educatior ""I love what I do! I can't imagine not actively paticipating in some sort of formal or informal learning environment."

ITAL (Interactive Teaching and Learning) is an educational media development company I founded and direct currently. I am fortunate to be able to guide a team of talented professionals in delivering specialized learning solutions.


My undergraduate degrees are in Public Administration and Early Childhood Education. I studied childhood education at Lehman College Graduate School in the Bronx. I also received a Master of Educational Technology degree from Boise State University with a graduate certificate in online teaching. My most recent degree was awarded by the American College of Education in the field of Instructional Design and Technology.

In formal schooling I have focused intensely on instructional design, e-learning, multimedia and curriculum development. My general teacher preparation paved the groundwork in educational theory and the application of instructional planning and delivery. Advanced skills in teaching methodologies, instructional design, the use of digital tools, development of learning media, and nuances in distance and face to face delivery were acquired later.


The Interactive Teaching and Learning company develops creative solutions for education and training environments.

While building and supporting organizational skills we have remained relevant by driving innovation through the adoption and promotion of emergent technologies.

ITAL is committed to employing the most relevant technologies, tools and research to target the evolving needs of teachers and learners. We deliver optimum solutions by finding approaches that meet both the learning objectives and budgets of our clients.

Online Learning Systems

ITAL has a scalable online learning environment that we customize according to the needs of each client. Both the system capabilities, interactive materials and the "user display" are designed consistent with organizational needs and the characteristics of their users. We also provide instructional design support for online and blended programs developed for use on our system.

Websitelearn.Com uses the ITAL Online Education System

Websitelearn.com: Using a research-based approach to build core literacy and numeracy proficiency. The activities on the site guide students in developing more effective reading habits and facilitate exposure to math concepts in concrete ways.


I seek to leverage research-based solutions through multimodal communication and unique interaction designs, to improve learner achievement.

My current projects include designing workshops for a small organization that teaches its learners multimedia development. Recently, I have also published a series of math workbooks, readers and related online activities for elementary school teachers and learners. I am now involved in developing blended learning materials for young adults in marginalized communities who are entering or returning to the workforce.

I look forward to the launch of www.websitelearn.com/jamaica in 2020 when we "roll out" an interactive online reading series for early childhood learners island-wide.

ITAL Education will also continue printing short stories in a reader-workbook format.

A new, more robust version of the ITAL learning management and education system is due for release in 2022.

Professional Learning

One of my goals at this juncture is to continue acquiring new knowledge to improve the quality and depth of educational environments by employing researched based instructional technologies, innovative strategies and develop greater technical competencies in the implementation of web-based interactive media.

"Mr. Webb demonstrates a unique professional awareness, keen foresight, and impeccable resolve." - Dianna Davis PhD.
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