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Interactive Digital Media

Effective instructional media design requires more than combining text and buttons with a beautifully designed user interface. Solving important business challenges or developing skills and applying knowledge in the classroom require interactive content that is cognitively significant. The nature and quality of media interactions must be meaningful, deliberate and relevant to the learner.

Rates: Start at $100/hr

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Technology Plans & Integration

Develop Technology Plans
-Digital Curriculum Plans
-Technology Integration Plans

Rates: Starts at $600.

Online Course Design

In creating your online course we'll collaborate with you and your stakeholders to design and develop engaging multimedia including text, graphics, and videos. We will also provide augmented reality artifacts and design support as well as a virtual environment through which to conduct your course if needed.

Cost: $75 per hr

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Technology Evaluation

On site: $1300 + travel + accommodations
Phone Consultations: $75 per hr
email Consultations: $45 per hr

Do you want to learn how to evaluate educational technologies? Yes...

Professional Learning Workshops

Rate vary:
Formats: Face-to-face (in person)
Delivery: 1 day workshop
Duration: 4 - 6 hrs

Cost: $1200 + travel and accomodations

Formats: Blended and Online
Delivery: Online self study or blended course model (in class and online)
Duration: Online Only 4.5 - 7 hrs, Blended 4 - 6 hrs + 2 hrs online

Cost: Online Only: $99, Blended: $600 + travel

Online Teaching Course more...
Interactive Media Workshop more...
Technology Evaluation Workshop more...

Contact Me

Rohan Webb
Phone: 862 234-9339
email: ital-education@gmail.com

*I reserve the right to revoke or make changes to these offers at any time.

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