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Mercedes Lipscomb-Instructional Designer

"WebsiteLearn.Com: Mr. Webb has exhibited tremendous foresight in developing a necessary resource. WebsiteLearn  promotes reliable, content-rich material that students can relate to and that parents know is a valid source. Most impressive is  that the content is aligned with common core standards. -Mercedes L., New York"

Tina Grissett-Mozingot-Instructional Technologist at Lamar County Schools

"Rohan and [I] met online as we both enjoy collaborating with others who serve children. Rohan helped me brainstorm ideas/activities to support a grant I was working on this past week. Teaching at a small rural school, it is great to have connections like Rohan to get a wider perspective and share ideas."

Web Development

Pamela Bruening Ed.D-Educator, CEO and President Progressive Bridges, INC.

"I have hired Rohan to complete two different websites. Both times I was amazed at the results, his critical attention to detail and appearance, and his valuable advice throughout the process. Not only did he provide a great service at a reasonable cost, he was willing to do whatever it took to complete one of the projects, even when impacted by the storm, Sandy. I highly recommend Rohan's technical work, his eye for detail and marketing appeal, and his expertise as a website developer."


Ann Randall-Instructional Technologist at Northern Arizona University

"Rohan Webb was an excellent student in my class. He was a deep thinker, produced excellent work, and contributed positively to the ongoing conversations within the class. I would highly recommend him based on his abilities and independent thinking, and creativity."

Lora Evanouski-Educational Technologist, Adjunct Faculty Boise State University

"Rohan is a very dedicated and resourceful member of our Graduate Student Association team at Boise State University. I had the pleasure of working with him throughout the year as he led the mentoring program within our graduate student community. Rohan is a diligent student as well as worker. The position of mentor was a volunteer position where Rohan offered his time, experience, passion and knowledge to help create high visibility within our growing community.

I am confident that Rohan's technological skill and abilities will have a positive impact for an employer of his choosing. He is a highly qualified candidate for any position and would be a tremendous asset. I recommend him to you without reservation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Devon Harris-Original Jamaican Bobsledder who teacher how to "Keep onPushing"

"Rohan is one of the most conscientious hardworking people you will ever meet. His knowledge, technical skills and attention to detail are unparalleled. I really appreciated the creativity he brought to our projects and the very clear ways in which he expressed his ideas. Working with him was a breeze. I unreservedly recommend him to anyone who might need his expertise."

"He was a deep thinker, produced excellent work and contributed positively..."
- Ann Randall
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Balvin Robinson- New Jersey Business Owner

"I have known Rohan personally for many years. He is always coming up with unique ways to use technology. I know what he does is extraordinary but I am more impressed with his passion for learning and giving back to his community. He has tutored my children, helped improve my business organization and been a loyal friend."